We offer several types of sod including, but not limited to: 

  • St. Augustine – dark green grass with broad, flat blades, warm-season lawn grass, popular for tropical and subtropical regions, medium- to high-maintenance grass 

  • Seville – dark green color and low growth habit, performs well in both shade and full sun, cold sensitive 

  • Floratam – coarse-textured grass, longer and wider leaf blades, grows rapidly in both spring and summer, needs plenty of sunshine 

  • Zoysia – able to stand up to heat, drought, heavy foot traffic, warm-season grass with improved cold tolerance, low water and maintenance requirements 

  • Bahia – Commercial Install only 

Before installing sod, our professionals will properly grade the ground and ensure weeds are removed using sodcutters. Irrigation systems will ensure your newly installed sod gets optimum coverage. New sod relies on plenty of water to thrive. 

Correct Irrigation schedules and 1st mow always advised on new sod installation